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About us


LUXND is an Israel-based company founded by two brothers last year in 2019. Israel is renowned globally for its start-up friendly ecosystems and hundreds of new businesses spring up there every single year. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s an easy feat and anyone can just start a company there without any check or balance. This scrutiny ensures that the success rates of Israeli fresh businesses remain one of the highest in the world and LUXND is surely no exception to this. Countless sales, testimonials by customers and the trust established with them over the year can attest to the fact that they are one of the best out there in the online wrist watch market.





The watchmakers at luxndwatches design timepieces that can stand at par with any other high quality market competition, heeding to the needs of both genders. Whether it’s men’s watches or it’s women’s watches, they are produced only using the highest quality raw materials for leather straps and stainless steel, with the prime focus on the fineness, accuracy and durability of Japanese movement incorporated inside. After ensuring the highest standards of artisanship, diligence and aesthetics in Israel, LUXND sends its batches of carefully selected designs to be manufactured in China.




At the moment, there are scores of watches being manufactured at a massive scale with extremely inexpensive price-tags. The drawback with cheap prices is that manufacturers tend to cut corners to keep their rate of return higher with low per unit costs. On the other hand, LUXND has a very neatly laid out supply chain powered by unparalleled product value and smaller production numbers for quality control. Mass-producing watches isn’t a very difficult thing to do but according to LUXND, smaller batches help the designers make sure that they have hands-on control over the quality of this process. All this at extremely decent prices. What sets LUXND apart is their commitment to produce quality timepieces that properly emphasize the standards of their wearers while also ensuring that they’re able to afford the opportunity to look distinguished.  


For the designers at LUXND, watches are more than merely timekeepers or fashion statements, they are an epitome of human craftsmanship, our relation with time, tradition and history encased with extreme skill that must be passed on to their customers with the utmost genuineness and dignity.