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Welcome To LUXND

We craft watches for men and women, the idea behind watches came 1 year ago started as a team of two brothers. 

Now, here we are, still hustling, and still learning, only this time we kinda know what we are doing. So welcome to this chapter of the journey. Welcome to the hustle.


We started LUXND because a luxury watch, if done right, has the ability to elevate your game. Most watches just tick, and we wanted to create a watch that inspired. Same time these watches are decently priced. 

Thats were our name came from: Luxurious & Decent

 Luxurious Watches | LUXND

So that’s who we are. Thank you for following along this far, and we are stoked for you to join us in this new chapter. We don’t exactly know where we are going, but we promise, getting there is going to be one hell of a ride. Welcome to LUXND.